Elementary Conversational Expressions

5 entertaining picture-expression matching worksheets with answers included

1 Elementary greetings, introductions and basic communication skills exercise

This is a great exercise for a really elementary class. It can be used as an icebreaker, an introduction or a review of very basic communications skills. I usually use these exercises at the end of my classes. Because they are visually attractive I find many students latch onto them without being instructed. Often we have quite interesting discussions about different interpretations some of the pictures. (Download PDF)

2 Common expressions for everyday socializing/living

Another slightly more advanced exercise exploring the language students might encounter in everyday social interactions. (Download PDF)

3 Elementary expressions for going out

This worksheet focuses on language used when people go out shopping and socializing. (Download PDF)

4 More expressions for talking to and about people

This exercise focuses a little more on fashion and describing people. (Download PDF)

5 Elementary expressions for eating and talking about food

And here is some essential language used when people are eating, talking about food or going to restaurants. (Download PDF)