Comparative Adjectives

Not the most exciting topic in the world..but..!

1 Using picture cues to create comparisons

Lots of grammar exercises are kind of mechanical and tedious. I usually find that pictures can add another dimension, or something unexpected. I was quite happy with pictures I found for the exercise below as they can be used for different levels of ability. Elementary students can make comparisons just using nouns while more advanced students can use gerunds. Moreover, multiple adjectives might be used for each set of pictures.


2 Adjective sorting

I find that sorting exercises are a good way to introduce or review the basic comparative adjective forms. I’ve included a few phrasal adjectives in this sorting activity. They make it a little more interesting and challenging.


3 Adjective chart

There is nothing special about this exercise. I only created it as I needed something for for large classes of elementary students to check they were actually understanding the 3 basic comparative forms.